Shop abroad,

get delivered by a traveler

How does it work?
1. Edit your Wish List
Look for the products you wish to acquire, check their price in their country of origin and add them to your Wish List without paying anything.
2. Globshop finds a traveler
As soon as a traveler from Globshop's community agrees to carry along your order, you are notified by email and you can confirm and pay online.
3. The traveler delivers the order
The traveler purchases your order and carries it along to the city you are living in. Following delivery, he gets both the refund and the reward he is entitled to.

Every product in the world

Products that can not be found in your country or that are cheaper abroad:
look for the products you have in mind or consult the world's best sellers

Delivered to minimum cost

The cost of the delivery only depends on the purchase cost of the product, whatever its countries of origin and destination. No bad surprises!
Purchase cost
Delivery cost

By a traveler

You wish to soften your travel costs?
Fill in your travel details, consult the orders available for delivery and
earn up to
per product delivered!
Every moment peace of mind
Globshop makes all efforts so that the transaction runs through at best and that everyone gets what he is entitled to.
Safety of the transactions
In compliance with custom regulations
Guaranteed delivery or immediate refund